The Tommy Detesco Fund


Supporting Cleveland Clinics Brain Tumor and Neuro Oncology Center


To support cutting edge research and technology to cure brain tumors in adolescents and young adults.  The Tommy Detesco Fund will keep the joy alive by helping young adults grow into life changing individuals who do not allow illness to define their life but bear witness to the hand of God in their life.

The story begins in February of 2007. At the time my family and I were in the middle of a prolonged caregiving effort for my son Tommy. My initial motivation was to help support the ambitious efforts of the evolving brain tumor program at the Clinic where Tommy had been receiving much treatment. Over the years Tommy had been a patient in a variety of different departments treating patients with brain tumors. My son's story was a journey that consumed 29 of his 32 years. It began with a seizure at age three and culminating with an anaplastic astrocytoma at age 32. Along the way there were numerous operations, therapeutic radiation treatments and multiple chemotherapy agents utilized. His journey paralleled the evolving discipline of Neuroscience, and of course in particular brain tumor treatment methods. The benefits of brain tumor treatment innovations were responsible for Tommy's continued survival. Throughout his life he never let his life situation dominate him. Tommy was able to extract joy out of every moment, even when his life situation called for more surgery, radiation, and drug therapy.

Tommy’s death on August 31st, 2007 further focused my attention on the parallels between his life long illness and his continued access to breakthroughs which allowed him to evolve into a life changing individual. He became a model for many of us close to him and to those whom he met along the way.

The goal simply put is to forever remember Tommy as the model for young individuals afflicted with this terrible illness, nevertheless allowing them to live their lives and make a difference. A life cut short by failing to take advantage of the newest innovations available could forever loose a defining moment for these individuals.

Our message is to embrace the innovations currently available and assist in supporting continued innovative research done at the Cleveland Clinic, all the time keeping alive the joy that is a part of allowing a special group of people to continue making a difference.

Thomas N. Detesco M.D.