The Tommy Detesco Fund

The Present

Akron Marathon (I did the half)

Yesterday was my half marathon in Akron.  I think it is my second half as a race of the year.  I really enjoy the half marathon distance.  I wore my Running for Tommy shirt and I had people cheering for Tommy as I passed.  and lots of people while running asking me about Tommy.  I love telling his story and what a strong influence Tommy plays in my life.  When I felt like I just couldn't run another step, I sucked it in and said to myself (I think it was to myself) "Come on Tommy, let's finish this race!"  I pushed and I finished better than I hoped for the day, not as well as I wanted overall…but considering they ran out of water and I wasn't expecting mile 11 to be all uphill…I finished strong just like Tommy and that is what matters.

A Year Ago

I thought that somehow I would come up with 'perfect' words to reflect on today.  I am falling short.  Each moment I keep thinking back to 'a year ago' honestly, I have done it all week.  In someways, it seems so long ago and other times I feel like it was just yesterday.  For today,put everything aside and live for the day…do what you want, enjoy your cup of coffee, enjoy your newspapers, enjoy your family…That is that way Tommy lived.

Yesterday is history, Tommorrow is a mystery, Today is a gift ~that why it's called THE PRESENT



Eric Liddell – The flying Scotman

So why am I posting a biography…continue reading and you decide….

born Jan. 16, 1902, Tientsin, China—died Feb. 21, 1945, Weihsien, China) British runner who won a gold medal in the 400-metre run and a bronze in the 200 metres at the 1924 Olympic Games in Paris.

The son of Scottish missionaries, Liddell was born in China. His family returned to Scotland when he was five years old. A gifted athlete, he excelled at rugby as well as running. He first gained national recognition by winning the 100- and 200-metre runs at the Amateur Athletic Association championships in 1923. At the 1924 Olympics, Liddell, a devout Christian, dropped out of the 100-metre run—his strongest event—because the final was scheduled for a Sunday. Instead, he trained for the 200- and 400-metre runs. At the Games, he finished third in the 200-metre run and turned in a remarkable performance to win the 400 metres. Starting in the outside lane, Liddell sprinted out of the blocks and set such a blistering pace that two racers stumbled trying to keep up. He won the race in a record time of 47.6 sec.

A year after the Olympic Games, Liddell returned to China to do missionary work with his father. He died of a brain tumour while interred in a Japanese camp during World War II. The experiences of Liddell and his teammate Harold Abrahams were portrayed in the film Chariots of Fire (1981).

So not only did he have a strong faith base and was a runner (love that) he joins the ever growing list of people whose lives have been touched by brain tumors.  We must find a cure. 



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A Tommy Story

"Many a day Tommy and I would sit around and watch baseball games on TV. I remember when our team was losing or needed a rally we would do a special knock on the table for good luck in hopes that our team would make an outstadning play or come back to win…many times this knock would work…some times it didn't…either way it didn't matter, we would do the knock, then look at each other, smile and shrug our shoulders. I moved away about 9 years and haven't seen Tommy since. But when a game is on or when I'm playing sports and my team or myself needs some luck, I still do the knock…people don't know what I'm doing, they just look at me with a puzzled look and then I look at them, I smile and shrug my shoulders. Needless to say each time I do it I think of Tommy. Call me superstitious. – EL"

If anyone does have a story they would like to share, please send it to Dr Tom, Jennifer or me and I will get it posted.  Laughing

I’ve been neglectful

I feel badly that I haven't posted in so long.  I had lunch with Lucy, Katie, Jennifer and Luca on Wednesday at House of China (one of my favorites).  We had an extra chair at the table and I would like to believe that Tommy joined us. 


I worked up enough nerve to read my personal blog from a year ago.  I only read this week.  I decided to repost this entry…


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Boston Market

Okay, I have had a glass of wine…so naturally the thoughts come pouring out..and I lose sense of mind…I ate lunch today at Boston Market. Well to rephrase, I ordered my food and then sat and cried at Boston Market. I sat in a booth where Jennifer and I sat last summer with Tommy and discussed the important facts of life. What movies were coming out that weekend. What is on TV…how Jennifer was feeling (she was pregnant with the Fabulous Luca), how his workout was at Travco, you know the details that are vital to existence. I wish that Tommy had an easier life. I wish that cancer never existed. I wish that there was a cure. I wish there was something more I could do besides pray. I know that prayer is strong and I need to have faith…BUT it is hard. I am trying, I am really trying. I know that one of the most important lessons that Tommy has taught me is to live to today. Celebrate the NOW…I had a suck day today at work on top of everything else…but what would so many people think of my struggles…no big deal. They are not life or death…eh…look to tomorrow and celebrate tomorrow's Joy.





I have been here reading my adoption blogs as I do every evening.  One of them linked to another blog that had adopted from Guatemala..but upon further reading they had lost a child to cancer.  Jacob.  Jacob is a triplet.  I hope that the family is okay with me linking their blog but I thought that Tommy would enjoy this story.

Another favorite Jacob memory. This one is from my mom. Boy, did Jacob love his Grandmom . . . but then again Jacob loved EVERYONE! :)

When Heather asked me to send her a memory of Jacob, my mind started spinning. I have so many precious little memories of my sunshine. As his brothers have already said, he loved getting his face painted. One memory comes to mind when we were at Disney Village in March of 2006. Again Jacob wanted to get his face painted, and he and I went off to find a face painting stand. Jacob stood for a long time looking at the selections for face painting. He had such a hard time deciding which one he wanted, but there was one that caught his eye. It was red and underneath it, it said Super Hero. I said Jacob I think you should get this one because you are Grandmom’s Super Hero. He smiled and told the girl he wanted the Super Hero one. I will never forget how proud he was to be Grandmom’s Super Hero, and how excited he was to show his brothers his Super Hero mask. That was Jacob– a Super Hero in a pint-sized package.

To read more about Jacob and see beautiful pictures of this little boy, please go here

As Promised….

Warm Again

A cold came in to us…

A mist filled our eyes…

Your spirit passed into immorality…

How would we live without you?

We waited…

Then we suddenly were

Warm again,


In our lives

We realized you are as close as ever

We can never forget

Your love for us


The noble life you lived;

How honored we are

To have walked

With you through it

We are sure when Jesus saw you,

He took you in His arms and said:



Now, that's heaven…

We will always be warm,


We will always remember…TOMMY.

         ~Nancy Winsen


Six Degrees….

So they say that in order to get to anyone it is through six people…well, I found out today that Dr Allan Friedman, who performed the surgery on Edward Kennedy  also did surgery on Tommy when he was at Duke for a clinical trial.  hmmm….I wonder if Tommy helped Dr. Friedman with the surgery.   (Just as an aside, other than helping Tommy, the only good thing about DUKE is UK is in the middle – yeah…I am a college basketball fan….)

Also, today on Fox News they interviewed Dr.Gene Barnett…one of Tommy's doctors from the CCF. 

In all of the interviews I have heard or read on the internet they have spoken to physicians at University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.  Hmmmmmm….coincidence that is another place where Tommy went for treatments.

Obviously if they were good enough for Tommy they are good enough for Edward Kennedy.   Personally, I am thinking that Tommy is helping Senator Kennedy through this time.  Tommy has been there, done that and shown us how to be a hero.  Do you hear that Senator… a hero…follow Tommy's lead….keep positive….enjoy the day…eat well….celebrate everything.