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Monthly Archives: June 2008

As Promised….

Warm Again A cold came in to us… A mist filled our eyes… Your spirit passed into immorality… How would we live without you? We waited… Then we suddenly were Warm again, When, In our lives We realized you are as close as ever We can never forget Your love for us And The noble […]

Six Degrees….

So they say that in order to get to anyone it is through six people…well, I found out today that Dr Allan Friedman, who performed the surgery on Edward Kennedy  also did surgery on Tommy when he was at Duke for a clinical trial.  hmmm….I wonder if Tommy helped Dr. Friedman with the surgery.   (Just […]

Edward Kennedy

It was announced this morning that Edward Kennedy is undergoing Brain Tumor Surgery this morning at DUKE University.  Please keep Senator Kennedy in your thoughts and prayers as he begins a long road ahead of him.