The Tommy Detesco Fund

The Present

A Tommy Story

"Many a day Tommy and I would sit around and watch baseball games on TV. I remember when our team was losing or needed a rally we would do a special knock on the table for good luck in hopes that our team would make an outstadning play or come back to win…many times this knock would work…some times it didn't…either way it didn't matter, we would do the knock, then look at each other, smile and shrug our shoulders. I moved away about 9 years and haven't seen Tommy since. But when a game is on or when I'm playing sports and my team or myself needs some luck, I still do the knock…people don't know what I'm doing, they just look at me with a puzzled look and then I look at them, I smile and shrug my shoulders. Needless to say each time I do it I think of Tommy. Call me superstitious. – EL"

If anyone does have a story they would like to share, please send it to Dr Tom, Jennifer or me and I will get it posted.  Laughing

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