The Tommy Detesco Fund

The Present

Akron Marathon (I did the half)

Yesterday was my half marathon in Akron.  I think it is my second half as a race of the year.  I really enjoy the half marathon distance.  I wore my Running for Tommy shirt and I had people cheering for Tommy as I passed.  and lots of people while running asking me about Tommy.  I love telling his story and what a strong influence Tommy plays in my life.  When I felt like I just couldn't run another step, I sucked it in and said to myself (I think it was to myself) "Come on Tommy, let's finish this race!"  I pushed and I finished better than I hoped for the day, not as well as I wanted overall…but considering they ran out of water and I wasn't expecting mile 11 to be all uphill…I finished strong just like Tommy and that is what matters.

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