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I worked up enough nerve to read my personal blog from a year ago.  I only read this week.  I decided to repost this entry…


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Boston Market

Okay, I have had a glass of wine…so naturally the thoughts come pouring out..and I lose sense of mind…I ate lunch today at Boston Market. Well to rephrase, I ordered my food and then sat and cried at Boston Market. I sat in a booth where Jennifer and I sat last summer with Tommy and discussed the important facts of life. What movies were coming out that weekend. What is on TV…how Jennifer was feeling (she was pregnant with the Fabulous Luca), how his workout was at Travco, you know the details that are vital to existence. I wish that Tommy had an easier life. I wish that cancer never existed. I wish that there was a cure. I wish there was something more I could do besides pray. I know that prayer is strong and I need to have faith…BUT it is hard. I am trying, I am really trying. I know that one of the most important lessons that Tommy has taught me is to live to today. Celebrate the NOW…I had a suck day today at work on top of everything else…but what would so many people think of my struggles…no big deal. They are not life or death…eh…look to tomorrow and celebrate tomorrow's Joy.




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