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I have been here reading my adoption blogs as I do every evening.  One of them linked to another blog that had adopted from Guatemala..but upon further reading they had lost a child to cancer.  Jacob.  Jacob is a triplet.  I hope that the family is okay with me linking their blog but I thought that Tommy would enjoy this story.

Another favorite Jacob memory. This one is from my mom. Boy, did Jacob love his Grandmom . . . but then again Jacob loved EVERYONE! :)

When Heather asked me to send her a memory of Jacob, my mind started spinning. I have so many precious little memories of my sunshine. As his brothers have already said, he loved getting his face painted. One memory comes to mind when we were at Disney Village in March of 2006. Again Jacob wanted to get his face painted, and he and I went off to find a face painting stand. Jacob stood for a long time looking at the selections for face painting. He had such a hard time deciding which one he wanted, but there was one that caught his eye. It was red and underneath it, it said Super Hero. I said Jacob I think you should get this one because you are Grandmom’s Super Hero. He smiled and told the girl he wanted the Super Hero one. I will never forget how proud he was to be Grandmom’s Super Hero, and how excited he was to show his brothers his Super Hero mask. That was Jacob– a Super Hero in a pint-sized package.

To read more about Jacob and see beautiful pictures of this little boy, please go here

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