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Edward Kennedy

It was announced this morning that Edward Kennedy is undergoing Brain Tumor Surgery this morning at DUKE University.  Please keep Senator Kennedy in your thoughts and prayers as he begins a long road ahead of him.

A word from Jennifer….

Jennifer wrote a first hand account about Tommy on CNN's  Click Here to read.

Does anyone have a Tommy story they would like to share?  If so, leave a comment and I will put it into blog format!


Thankful Thursday

Today I am going to keep this really short and just say I am thankful for Bob Evans and last minute lunches with friends…I especially enjoyed Biscuit Boy and his lunchtime antics!

Ted Kennedy Diagnosed with Brain Tumor

I heard this news today and just felt so sad.  I hope that he is able to continue to do good work for the people of Boston and the US.  I did a quick search of famous people beside Tommy who have had brain tumors….I knew a few of them but was surprised about some others.  Bob Marley, Tug McGraw, Bobby Mercer, Wilma Rudolph, Lance Armstrong, Scott Hamilton, Elizabeth Taylor, and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Each year approximately 190,000 people in the United States and 10,000 people in Canada will be diagnosed with a primary or metastatic brain tumor. Breakdown:

  • An estimated 43,800 new cases of primary malignant and non-malignant tumors***
  • An estimated 150,000 cases are brain metastases (this is an approximation as the number of metastatic brain tumors is estimated to be 20% – 40% of all cancers).

Brain tumor patients, including those with certain “benign” brain tumors, have poorer survival rates than breast cancer patients.

Metastatic brain tumors (cancer that spreads from other parts of the body to the brain) occur at some point in 10 to 15% of persons with cancer and are the most common type of brain tumor.

In the United States, the overall incidence of all primary brain tumors is more than 14 per 100,000 people.***


I have an almost ten year old Boxer dog who is one of the loves on my life.  Last night Tiger woke me up with a seizure.  It was very scary.  This morning Tiger was acting completely normal.  I called the vet as soon as they opened at 8:00am.  I got an appointment for this afternoon.  We got in and they did an EKG and some labwork.  There is no real reason for the seizure.  There are three options – one, it was just a fluke; two, Tiger has cardiomyopathy; or three, she has a brain tumor.  I sat in the vet's office stunned by these possibilities.  I was deeply distressed about this news.  Then, I began thinking about Lucille and Dr. Tom…I can't even imagine how they felt when they were given a diagnosis for their son. 

 I have decided I am not going to dwell on the possibilities and the what ifs….but I am going to make each day count for Miss Tiger. 

Yesterday is history; Tomorrow is a mystery; today is a gift that is why it is THE PRESENT! 


Tommy hits the airwaves!

I am sitting here watching Dr. Tom on Channel 33's morning show.  I just don't know how Dr. Tom and the rest of the family does it.  Everytime I hear about the fund I get teary eyed.  The strength that they are all showing is amazing to me.  I just love to sit and hear about it.  I feel so honored to have known Tommy and shared so much of his life.  Hey Tommy has gotten me to glance at some Sci-Fi shows.  Especially the Star Trek Enterprise epiodes on Sci-Fi Channel…okay, I admit I PVR the show so that I can hear the theme song; it is Tommy's Favorite.

I know that this week the fund has gotten much coverage.  Front page of The Vindicator, all local news channels, the kick off.  What I hope is that people who are watching get to know a little bit more about Tommy and it will help KEEP THE JOY ALIVE! 


First gift to “The Present”

As I am sitting here in bed sipping my coffee I am thinking of this evening.  This evening will be a Kick Off for Tommy's Fund.  I am excited to see his foundation grow and gain momentum.  Tommy would be proud to be able to help others.  There is so much support for Tommy's foundation.  I am humbled and honored to be a part of it.

So this blog, as many of you know I have another blog where I began to share my feeling and thoughts on running, for quite awhile it became a place where I could express my feeling about what Tommy and his family was going through during those last 10 months Tommy was with us on earth.  I am hoping to use this blog to share some of what is happening with the foundation but then I (and everyone) want this blog to be interactive.  I would love for people to send in their stories of how they have been touched by brain tumors.  I am amazed with how many people have had brain tumors or a relative has or had them.   I want people to know that they are NOT alone, there are many people out there to help them get through this moment in time.  I am hoping that writing will be as cathartic for them as it is for me.

Just a couple of notes about me and the way I blog.  I really am a good speller, typically I just type and typically I do not go back and fix the typos unless I catch them while typing.  I also know the rules of the English language; but I don't always follow the rules.  I get the thought, I type it, I don't make sure it is grammatically correct. 

So, I will be back to add pictures and my thoughts on this evenings festivities!


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