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Six Degrees….

So they say that in order to get to anyone it is through six people…well, I found out today that Dr Allan Friedman, who performed the surgery on Edward Kennedy  also did surgery on Tommy when he was at Duke for a clinical trial.  hmmm….I wonder if Tommy helped Dr. Friedman with the surgery.   (Just as an aside, other than helping Tommy, the only good thing about DUKE is UK is in the middle – yeah…I am a college basketball fan….)

Also, today on Fox News they interviewed Dr.Gene Barnett…one of Tommy's doctors from the CCF. 

In all of the interviews I have heard or read on the internet they have spoken to physicians at University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.  Hmmmmmm….coincidence that is another place where Tommy went for treatments.

Obviously if they were good enough for Tommy they are good enough for Edward Kennedy.   Personally, I am thinking that Tommy is helping Senator Kennedy through this time.  Tommy has been there, done that and shown us how to be a hero.  Do you hear that Senator… a hero…follow Tommy's lead….keep positive….enjoy the day…eat well….celebrate everything.


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