The Tommy Detesco Fund

Resources & Facts

  • Tommy and His Mom on One of Their Many TripsTaussig - Cleveland Clinic Brain Tumor and Neuro-Oncology Center : A Team Approach to Individualized Care.
  • Virtual Trials - Extensive website that provides information as well as raising money for brain tumor research.
  • Unlocking Brain - Steve Coffman, project sponsor for Unlocking Brain is a brain and neck cancer survivor. This website focuses on making a difference by putting faces and names to this dreadful disease by sharing stories of survivors, and also those brain tumor victims who are no longer with us.
  • Advocacy - Brain Tumor Society website provides education, resources, and focuses on advocacy to end this disease.
  • Brown Bag For A - BBFAC is about finding a cure for pediatric brain tumors and ending the suffering. Your part is simply, to honor your child or a child you know and help raise money for research, by asking your friends, family co-workers, etc to brown bag their lunch and donate what they would have spent on lunch out.
  • Grey Ribbon Crusade - The Heroes of Hope initiative seeks to create dynamic action in the drive for funding of brain tumor research through a synergistic approach. The program invites the general public and those in the brain tumor community to join the Grey Ribbon Crusade and become part of a united force against brain tumors to increase visibility through a strong national brand allowing the utilization of a combined scale of accomplishments and resources while preserving individual and organizational goals, without additional layers of financial commitment.
  • NABTC - (NABTC), a network of nonprofit organizations in the United States and Canada, has established a strong public policy voice on behalf of adults and children with brain tumors.
  • Nobody Can Afford A Brain Tumor... - The financial impact of brain tumors on patients and families: a summary of findings.
  • Celubrious: A Celebration Of Life - Tommy celebrated his life every day with a positive can do attitude. When life gets you down, read a few pages from the newly released Celubrious- A Celebration of Life. A portion of the proceeds from Dennis Martin’s book will be donated to the Tommy Fund.
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